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Welcome to the home page of Matthew Solberg

May 31, 2012 In case you haven't noticed, I've decided not to post a lot of updates here anymore - but I have been trying to update my facebook page regularly. I might update this page every once in a while, but for the latest, check out my facebook page here. Thanks. -Matthew

September 26, 2011 I feel like I was kind of at a crossroads over the past several weeks, trying to figure out what the next step should be: focus on live shows, new songs, promotion, getting a band together, just taking a break, or some sort of combination of these things? The more I think about it, live shows just don't seem to make a lot of sense for me right now. I'm kind of worn out on trying to promote, although I would like to get some youtube videos up at some point to help - that's not a huge priority right now though. I feel like I've been drawn to writing new songs lately - I think I want to put a lot of energy into that. I might try to write for more of a band arrangement, but I guess we'll see what happens. By the way, my finger is very close to feeling normal again - I'd say it's over 95% healed. But anyway, I've been feeling a strong urge to write a lot lately, so that's what I plan to do. -Matthew

August 17 , 2011 It's been a pretty slow summer for my music, which has been a little disappointing seeing as how I released an album in April. But a reason for the slowness is that I injured a finger around the time the album was released. Since I wasn't playing guitar for awhile, I eventually kinda put my promoting on hold as well. I only just started playing guitar again in the past few weeks, so hopefully I can start looking to get some shows lined up soon. -Matthew

June 20, 2011 I haven't done a very good job of updating the website since the new album came out - then again, there hasn't been a whole lot to report. I did get some airplay on the radio show "Undiscovered with Liz Leake," a program (or perhaps I should say 'programme') on a UK radio station called The Park. I've also added a couple of reviews and an interview to the Review & Other Links page. Also, the song "Petrified" was on a podcast over at Music Emissions. Other than that - not a whole lot new - just waiting on some more reviews to come in. Hopefully I'll be getting out to some shows soon and getting some things in the store on the website too. As always, thanks for stopping by. -Matthew

April 30, 2011 My new full-length album, Matthew Solberg, is now officially released. I was hoping to release it a couple of days ago, but I was struggling with deciding on some of the track names. Anyway, it's all done and on the website. Just head over to the Downloads page and download/listen for free. Thanks a lot to anyone who listens, and thanks a lot to all who helped me put this album together. -Matthew

April 21, 2011 I'm putting some finishing touches on stuff (like finalizing song order and the album cover). I plan on releasing the album next week - probably next Wednesday (give or take a day). -Matthew

April 5, 2011 The mixing is basically done - there is just one part of one song that is still being worked on. But once that part gets figured out, the mixing will be complete. -Matthew

March 4, 2011 The mixing is still ongoing. I was originally hoping it would be ready by now - but I'd rather take things slowly and make sure I'm good with everything instead of hurrying things along. So everything's going fine - just taking things slowly. It really shouldn't be too much longer. -Matthew

January 27, 2011 The album is still being mixed. Since I'm not the one mixing it, it's hard for me to say exactly when it will be done. It looks like it's going to be another few weeks though. -Matthew

January 16, 2011 The album is in the mixing/mastering process. I think it might be ready by February 1 - but at this point it is hard to say for sure. I will update the website before February to say what the official release date will be. The album will definitely be available for free download, but I am still trying to decide whether to release it in any other formats (CD/vinyl). I think I originally had 13 or 14 songs planned for the album, but I ended up cutting it down to 10 songs, 3 of which are instrumentals. Anyway, I'll have more info in the coming weeks. -Matthew

October 12, 2010 Most of the album is done, but there are still a few things left to put together. I was really set on December 1 as a release date, but I don't think that's going to happen at this point. Perhaps December 1 was a bit too ambitious, but there have been a few minor setbacks too. I'd rather take my time and be really happy with the album instead of rushing through the final pieces and not having everything the way I want it. Anyway, I'm thinking February 1 is a realistic date. I don't think there's a very good chance the release will be later than that. Sorry for the delay, but I'm hoping the album will be worth the wait. -Matthew

June 29, 2010 Wow, this is only my second update of 2010. Then again, there really hasn't been too much to report this year. I've added some new reviews, but probably the only other thing worth noting is that I've recorded at least a part of most of the songs that are going to be on my first full-length album. I was hoping to have the album done by October, but it's been pretty hard to find quality time to work on the album due to a few different reasons. Anyway, I'm setting the official release date to be December 1, 2010. The album will likely have 12-15 songs on it, and I plan on making it available for free download, as well for purchase on vinyl. I'm very excited about this album and am really looking forward to releasing it. -Matthew

April 18, 2010 The new album is coming along slowly but surely. There's still a lot of work left to do, but I'm hoping for a release date of October 1, 2010. I'll have more details to share once the album is closer to being released, but until then I'll be writing and recording. -Matthew

October 4, 2009 There's not much new to report, but I did want to point out the Elliott Smith Tribute Show I've put together for Sunday, October 18. The show will be at Mercy Lounge in Nashville and will feature several great local artists performing Elliott songs (as well as some originals too). All proceeds will go to the Elliott Smith Memorial Fund. Another bit of news I have is that I had the honor of appearing as a guest guitarist on the debut album from Atlanta-based Clap for Daylight. I went into the studio about a year ago, and the album, entitled Break Even, was just released within the past month or so. Check out the band's website for more info... I think they have some really great tracks on this album. Anyway, I probably won't be updating this website much (if at all) for a long time. My main focus for the rest of the year is going to be on working on songs for my first full-length album, as I'm planning to record and release it in 2010. So if you don't hear from me for awhile, know that I'm busy. Thanks, and take care. -Matthew

August 16, 2009 I imagine (or at least I hope) that at some point I'll no longer pay attention to everytime I see one of my songs played on a radio station, but I guess I'm not at that point yet... Anyway, it appears that "I Am a Fool" was played on the BCB 106.6 FM radio station (UK), and "Saving Disgrace" was played on the Dinamo 103.8 FM radio station (Turkey). Also, a new netlabel based in Germany called Acoustic Firework Records has honored me by placing "Liquid Blanket" on their Floating Fire compilation. In other news, I just wanted to officially annouce that I am working on songs for my first full-length album. I don't anticipate that I will begin recording until 2010, but I do already have a handful of songs in mind. Until next time, take care. -Matthew

August 1, 2009 Well, it only took 6 months, but you can now purchase I Am a Fool right here. Just go to the newly renamed "Downloads & CD Orders" page. As always, thanks for stopping by. -Matthew

July 12, 2009 While I've hardly received any attention here in my backyard, I am thrilled to say that I've gotten a little attention overseas. As I mentioned in my previous post, the review of I Am a Fool that was written on Free Albums Galore was also posted on Bolaches Grátis (which appears to be a fairly popular blog based in Portugal). This website here was getting 10,000+ hits for a few days after that post, and while I know that website hits can be a VERY misleading statistic, it was exciting nonetheless. Also, I was told, via my MySpace page, that I was featured in a section of Exit Magazin, which is a publication based in Hungary. Finally, after googling myself one day (c'mon, who doesn't do that?), I discovered that my song "Rainy Nights" was apparently played by the B92 radio station, which is based in Serbia. So perhaps it's time for a European tour? Well, that would be awesome, but it looks like my checking account says no. Maybe one day though... Anyway, thanks to everyone responsible for this attention. -Matthew

June 24, 2009 I just want to say thank you to Marvin at Free Albums Galore for featuring me on his blog yesterday, and I also want to thank whoever is responsible at Bolaches Grátis for copying/pasting the review and sharing my album with the world... Anyway, as far as updates on this website go, there are two items I'd like to get around to sometime soon. The first thing I'd like to do is to provide a way for physical copies of I Am a Fool to be purchased online. I'm still trying to figure out the best way for me to do this. The second thing I'd like to do is to get some pictures up on this website. In the meantime, I have some pictures up on my MySpace and pages. I guess another thing I'd like to do is to have this whole website redesigned, but I don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon. Anyway, thanks again to anyone who listens to and/or shares my music. -Matthew

May 26, 2009 I Am a Fool is now available at Grimey's record store in now you can get the EP at Grimey's or at one of my shows. I'm hoping to make the album available through the mail too. Of course, since you can still download the mp3s for free on this website, you may ask, "So why should I pay $5 for this CD when I can download the mp3s for free?" Good question. Maybe there's just something about having a physical copy of an album that makes it more enjoyable than simply having digital files? Maybe you like having the album artwork and lyrics in front of you while you listen? Maybe you think the wav files on the CD sound better than mp3s? Maybe you don't own a portable mp3 player? Maybe you want a stylish coaster? Maybe you just want to support an independent musician? Whatever the reason, thanks in advance to anyone who purchases I Am a Fool. -Matthew

April 27, 2009 As you can see from the last post, I was hoping to have the physical copies of I Am a Fool ready this week...but things have just been too busy over the past month. I don't have a whole lot of free time to begin with...and studying for a pension actuarial exam, selling a house, and working on music don't exactly free up extra time to work on album artwork. Anyway, the bottom line is that the physical copies of the album will be ready on May 8. Sorry for the late notice of delay. -Matthew

March 31, 2009 I have added a "Reviews & Other Links" page to the website - as reviews of I Am a Fool come in, I will be adding them to this page. Also, I have set the expected release date for the physical copies of I Am a Fool to be April 30. That's all the news for now. -Matthew

February 1, 2009 The debut album has officially been released online as of February 1, 2009. It is a 7-song EP entitled I Am a Fool. The entire album can be downloaded for free. Just go to the "Downloads" page or click on the album cover in the bottom left corner of this page. The physical copy of the album has not been completed yet, but it should be ready in March or April. Unfortunately it will not be available through the mail immediately upon completion...but it will be available at my shows. Speaking of which, there are no shows currently planned at the moment, but I'll be planning some by the time the physical copies of the album are ready to go. As far as this website goes, I hope that I'll get a chance to add lots more stuff (reviews, photos, etc.) as the year goes on. I know that there's not a whole lot here right now. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the album. If you do enjoy it, all I ask is that you share it with someone else who you think may enjoy it too. Thanks for stopping by. -Matthew